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A Report on CMP Activities ( 2018-19)

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A Report on CMP Activities ( 2017-18)







As major activity under CMP cluster level Sports meet was organized by kv Mahabubnagar and the achievements of our students are as follows:

a)kabaddi girls got second place 

b)kho kho boys got second place 
c) 4×50m relay race boys got first place 
d) 4×50m girls won second place 
e) 50 m race boys( Dronacharya 3rd class)  won second place 
f) 100m race boys(vasant rathore 5th class) won first place 
g) Kho kho boys team got second place





2. Children's Day  

 November 14th is celebrated as Children’s Day, in remembrance of our beloved First Prime Minister, ‘Jawaharlal Nehru’, who is fondly called as ‘Chacha Nehru or Chacha ji’. On this special occasion  we  have conducted fancy dress competition for primary children. 35 students participated in the competetion.


3. Grand Parents Day


  Grandparents Day is also organized to make the children feel that they are very important in their lives and  they are the pillars of the family who lay a healthy foundation for the happy growth of the family. 


    4. Community Lunch
  Community Lunch was organised by the primary class teachers  in the month of  November and   January.










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