2019 Activities

A Report on World Earth Day Celebration at our Vidyalaya


World Earth Day has been organized at our Vidyalaya on 22nd April 2019.

We have conducted the following activities

i)                    In the morning assembly a skit was played on endangered species.

ii)                   Song on Mother Earth by a group of girls

iii)                 Speech was delivered by a 10th class student about protection of species.

iv)                 A pledge on  ‘protection of Earth and Species’ was administered.

v)                  A Rally was organized after the assembly. Students carried  placards and gave slogans about protection of species 

World Thinking Day 2019

 Thinking day was celebrated in a very befitting way by the Scouts and Guides of Kendriya Vidyalaya Mahabubnagar  22nd February, 2019.


  An All  Faith prayer was conducted  at 8.50 AM  under the guidance of our Scout Master Sri.S.Narasimha Rao. All the teachers paid tribute to Lord Baden Powell. Individual prayers and special prayer songs were sung.  Scout Master Mr.Vishal Kumar, Mr.A.Raju Kumar,  and  Guide Captain Mrs.S.Hemalatha,  Flock Leader Ms. Vandana Sharma, Cub Master Mr.Tek Chand participated and led the prayer.  After the prayer Scouts and Guides cleaned the Vidyalaya Premises.

List of Adult Leaders 2019-20 

S.No Name                   Designation
1. S.Narsimha Rao Scout Master
2. S.Hemalatha Guide Captian
3. Vishal Kumar Scout Master
4. Vandana Sharma Flock Leader

5. Raju Kumar Scout Master
6. Tek Chand Cub Master










  •  Scouts and guides of vidyalaya have cleaned vidyalaya premises on 30 Aug 2018.


  • The following students have participated in Rajya Pursakar testing Camp organized at KV AFS Begumpet from 26July 2018 to 30 July 2018.


Scouts  Guides
1. S.Hruthvik

1. T.Samana

2. T. Vamshi 2. Prushni Yadav
3. L.Abhilash 3. Sreeja Reddy
4. Vinay Kumar 4.G.Deekshitha
5. Prashanth Kumar 5. N. Indu Priya
6. Bharadwaj 6. N.Chandrika
7. Bhanu Prathap 7.P.Aishwarya
8.G.Vivekananda 8. M. Prathibha






World Earth Day

Earth day was celebrated on 22nd April 2018 in our vidyalaya. This year the theme was “End Plastic Pollution”. Scouts and Guides along with the Adult Leaders and the Principal went on a Rally from the school campus to Yenugonda  village. The rally was headed by the Scout Master Mr.S.Narsimha Rao. Our Principal Mrs.V.Mrudula addressed the students and explained the need of environmental protection.  Our students have prepared placards with the slogans of reducing usage of plastic and reuse of plastic.


The rally has started at 7.30 in the morning at our school. Our students marched through the streets of Yenugonda   explaining the people how plastic pollutes our environment and  aslo suggested  different ways of reducing the usage of plastic. The rally started from the school and progressed towards Saraswathi  temple, Sri Ram Nagar Colony, SVS Hospital Road, Chaitanya Nagar Colony, BC colony and  Edira Road. The rally closed at 9.30 am. At the end our students pledged to refrain from unnecessary usage of plastic.



World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day was celebrated on february 22nd,2018. This day is celebrated around the world by scouts and guides to appreciate the help and guidance of brothers and sisters around the world.


CHARDAM Rally was conducted to bring awareness among the public, to help CHARDAM flood victims and collect the funds from general public and by scouts and guides unit of our Vidyalaya on 15th July 2013, the rally was monitored by Principal G. RamaRao and senior Teacher M H H S VENKATESWAR TGT ( PH&E) and collected an amountof Rs. 6705/-.

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